Lisa Hannigan - Sea Sew on Vinyl

Does anyone own this vinyl and if so, would you comment on production an pressing quality please?

I have it. Great music. I own the cd and vinyl and the vinyl is very good. I detect no compression, and the low bass notes are sharp and fast. Lisa's voice and piano are well represented.

I wish they would release her new album-Passengers-on vinyl.
Thanks T. The only review I could find is on Acoustic Sounds and the reviewer says his copy is very noisy. Is your copy relatively quiet?
thanks for the heads up guys

I ended up buying Damien Rice's album called O that Lisa sings on

Lisa Hannigan's solo stuff is a near miss for me but on any given day I may like it more, she reminds me a bit of Feist.
Lisa and Damien did a GREAT cover of Holiday's "Don't Explain" on Herbie Hancock's "Possibilities".
Got my new copy of Sea Sew yesterday, sliced open the plastic on the jacket, removed the record and gave it a visual inspection. This was the dirtiest record I have ever seen come out of a new package. Dust, lint and even smudges all over the vinyl. That was side A. I flip it over and besides the dust and not so shiny vinyl, I was treated to a multi-directional deep scratch about 1/2 inch in diameter that covered about 2/3 of the 3rd track.

Waiting for my RMA from Acoustic Sounds. I'll take a credit instead of a replacement. The condition of this record didn't exactly inspire confidence to try another. Pity, as I really wanted this one.