Linn question

Can you use active Linn speakers(Tukans) with electronics other than Linn? How does the Linn active system work. I understand what an active crossover is, but how do you physically make them active. Do you replace the crossovers in the speakers? use a Tune Box? or do you need to install the crossover in a Linn amp? Has anyone heard Linn Tukans in acitve mode on electronics other than Linn. How did they sound? Thanks
Active cards are installed in amp. Must be bi-amped for Tukans. Your Linn dealer can modify your tokans, by passing the cross over. The world is the differance. Just consider the great percentage of power that is lost in the cross-over. Simply put AWSOME
WHY exactly would you need to modify the speakers / bypass the crossovers? aren't some amplifers output adjustable ?
Yes you can, but if you are using electronics other than Linn's you will need the aktiv tune box(which is a pricey little number). Linn amps are designed to accomodate the aktive modules inside them, thus eliminating the need for a designated box to house them - and cutting the cost in half. I suppose any electronic crossover could work as long as you know what the crossover points/slopes are. But by my logic, if you are going to the trouble of going active why potentially offset the benefits of aktive amplification by using a compromised crossover? Good luck.
do ALL linn speakers incorporate active crossovers? I have a pair of Linn Helix's hooked up to a B&K avr 307, im thinking i need the aktiv tune box now, do I ?
Justy - I believe Linn has been advocating active amplification since the beginning. It is a more costly but ultimately a more logical and efficient approach to amplification - I find it astonishing that maufacturers of very expensive speaker systems are still designing passive systems. It doesn't make sense. Marketing perhaps? You may be able find used active modules (which get placed inside the tune box)for the Helix's - but obviously you don't NEED them unless you want to bypass the passive crossovers in the helix's and go active. To do this you would also need to bi-amplify, because with aktiv amplification each driver requires its own channel.
yeh! active is good--cards go in amp---keep linn gear with linn gear and all will fine--no need to mix and match-linn spends time getting there componants to sound good----