Linn LK85/140 vs. LK100

I am interested in additional amplification for my Majik to drive Linn Sekrits in biamped mode. Does anyone have any comments about the current generation LK85 and LK140 amps in comparison with the older LK100? I probably could find a used LK100 at a good price but wonder if the newer generation amps represent significant improvement.
The "new generation" amps do, to my knowledge, represent an improvement in sound quality over the older (and now discontinued) LK100. Whereas the LK100 was considered a bit "dry" in it's tonal character, the LK85/140 are "sweeter" and a bit more musical. I am currently using an LK85 and am quite happy with it. Even at list price it's a good buy!!
Until recently I used 2 x active LK100's into Keilidhs and auditioned LK85's and LK140s - definitely an improvement but if you're looking for a HUGE leap save for a Klout !