Will Linn 5120 aktiv cards fit an LK100 amp?

I have a set of 5140's running active on 5105 amps and a 5120 running passive on an older LK100 amp. Mburch has an active card for the 5120 for sale, but I dont want to persue it if it wont fit the LK100. Anyone know for sure?
The LK100 takes two mono cards. Ask the seller if it's a single card (stereo). My guess is that it won't fit/work.
If Lugnut is right... (I assumed the LK 100 was a a stereo amp...) then all LINN mono cards for the 5120 or Ekwal will fit and work to spec..

Call Linn in Jacksonville @ 888-671-LINN to confirm....

FWIW I have the mono cards also offered on Agon for $150/pair... mine are broken in, which will take you 200-300 hours with newer ones.... just an observation...

The LK100 is a stereo amp. I hope I didn't mislead anyone on this. From what I've read the stereo cards (single card) go into some of the later model amps whereas the mono cards are specific to older stereo amps like the LK100. My LK100's have two mono cards inside each. About the only definitive response I can give is that they are not interchangable in all cases. You gave good advice for dropping Linn an email or calling.