LinN Klimax DS/O Renew or Memory Player64

Hi. I pick up my Airtight ATM2 in a weeks time - can't wait. I listen sometimes to CDs and also Spotify - with a bit of iTunes. I am also just starting to get into hi-res downloads but many available aren't to my taste, that I can yet find that is. There is a Linn Klimax DS/O Renew available locally for $4200 US or so and a new Memory Player 64 for sale for $6400 US. Which would better suit my 'source' needs - and also what are these prices like? I am a little confused as the Klimax is an older model (but renewed) model and the MP64 has some very positive reviews but does not seem to be publicly for sale/available. Also I want/need to use whatever I buy as as pre-amp (as well as source). Thanks in advance.
I'm not familiar with the Memory Player, but I'll say the same thing to you I've said in other threads: make sure you understand the details of how the Klimax works in a system. If you aren't sure, you definitely need to go to the Linn Forums and read the DS sub-forum. There is a ton of information about how to use it. If it works for you it's a fantastic piece, but it's not for everyone. (Disclaimer - I don't have one, but I have heard it in an all-Linn system at a dealer)
I have a Renew and I've been very impressed with it. I copied all my cds to my computer and they sound better from the Renew than they did from my top of the line Linn CD player, which sounded pretty great itself. But I ended up selling the CD player because I never used it after getting the Renew DS. It's ever better on high rez downloads or rips of DVD-As. There is a learning curve for getting used to it, but that wasn't much of a problem for me even though my computer sophistication is pretty minimal. The Renew is basically the innards of a first generation Linn Klimax DS put into a simple box; Linn offered that to owners of the original Kilmax DS when they upgraded to a new board; basically putting the new innards into the old Klimax case the old stuff into a new box so they had 2 players. Alot of owners sold their Renews on the used market, which was and is a good way for us to get one of these without spending 17-20k. I agree you should check out the Linn forums for more info on this puppy.