Headphone Memory

Last year I purchase a headphone come earbud and the brand name Bragi and the brand was too smart for his 4Gb internal memory. I enjoy enough the headphone because without the device I listen to music for his internal memory, Recently then internal memory not working and I am searching the similar product. My friends said to me last 3 days ago, Samsung recently releases galaxy bud with 8gb internal memory, I search in google from two days but I did not find the content where they claim 8 GB integrated memory. But only one post which my friend recommended me they writes on Samsung galaxy bud comes with 8Gb memory. Here the post link  https://bestwirelessbluetoothheadphones.com/audio/samsung-galaxy-buds/
Can anyone Ensure me the news reliability? 
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Phones have internal memory - not ear buds or earphones! The Galaxy ear buds are wireless Bluetooth-enabled with rechargeable batteries. You will need a device (Samsung phone) to use them! 
Can you afford the cost of the Galaxy S10 phone? Probably about $1000! I guess Samsung is promoting this new phone by giving away a pair of the wireless ear buds with purchase or lease. 
There are not questions to Samsung S10, Yeah, I can afford but I am friendly with Blackberry. Except for the Samsung device the earbud We can use another device. And Samsung will sell the earbud without S10 from 8 March and price possibility $169. 
Dear roberjerman I already use earbud with 4GB memory. You can check my previous brand review here Bragi the Dash