Linn Keltic speakers

I am considering an "upgrade" from Linn 5140 for my main speakers to Linn Keltics. Any experience with these speakers? I once heard a system at a show with Keltics for the mains and 5140 for the rear surrounds and many people expressed that they thought the sound was the best in the show. I use a Yamaha 3090 for the processor ( soon to be upgraded to Meridian 561) and Adcom 5802 amps. If I go with the Keltics I will power them with Linn Klout amps in active mode.
I have owned Linn Kabers active with Klouts in an all Linn system.I have also had a REL Storm with this system.I currently sold my Klouts,Kabers,Karik/Numerik,Kairn/Kudos. In my Family room I have 4 5140's, a Linn 5110, the Rel Storm,a Pioneer DV-09, a Bel Canto Dac-1, and all of this is powered by a Yamaha DSP-1. If you heard this system you would not believe the sound compared to the Keltics/Klouts,etc.Granted,the DSP-A1 is the weakest part, but I love this unit,and with the Dac-1 hooked up to the DV-09, it is amazing.The DV-09-DAC-1 is something you should consider instead of the Keltics. E-mail me if you need any other Linn advice. The Keltics are very old Linn technology. No speaker should require 4 amps to drive it, let alone $16,000 worth of amps on a $10,000 speaker. I feel that the 5140 is great for what you want, and hooked into a Meridian 561 with a high quality 5 channel amp,you will not miss the Keltics and Klouts. I have also been auditioning the 561, and my next move will be to a 561 and a high quality 5 channel amp. Also, the dv-09 is the finast dvd/cd available. The Dac-1 transforms it into sonic heaven.
Kenpo, Thanks for the response. I posted my question so long ago I gave up and stopped looking. In the meantime, I did purchase the Keltic speakers, which I have not set up yet. I am having my 5140's and 5120 modified to active mode ( I ended up purchasing eight Klout amps to power everything -- yikes!) Luckily I got everything used. I also came across a used Linn 5103 processor that I purchased, so I am going with an all-Linn system. I'll look into the Bell Canto DAC-1. I'm also looking at an Ikemi CDP. What do you use for interconnects and speaker wire?. Thanks again.
For the Money your going to spend consider the Eggleston Andras Single wire single amp they are Isobarik like the Linn but with up todate drivers
LINN SOUND I do not think that the technology is an issue. Having 4 amps power your speakers with active crossovers is a sound technological principle. The problem is the LINN sound. LINN claims that what you are hearing is a sound so neutural that you have to get used to it. Well, I dunno about that. I realy dont like the sound of LINN's speaker systems. I prefer the Keldih's to any other speaker that they make. Unfortunately, Nobody else makes LINN Ready speakers so when you junk your speakers you have to junk your electronics which is a huge waste. There are many manufacturers of Good Bi ampable speaker systems that to my ears sound superior to LINN's full blown active systems. I prefer my 1100.00 3A MM's to anything LINN makes and I've tried TRI Amped kabers and BI Amped Keldihs in my system over the years. This is a strange phenomenon because everything else LINN makes is realy great for the money stuff in my opinion. Maby LINN needs to build some more North Americanized speakers. Not everybody lstens to Audiophile Classical Music LP's.
not to change your subject, but check out Meridian's 568 instead of the 561. It does the upsampling that the 800 does, but you lose Video switching. And it only has 2 analog ins. But the sound is to die for. Hook up any crummy transport and you will be amazed!!
"Not everybody listens to audiophile Classical music LP's"? Well, they should, cause they're really missing out...