Linn classik and Harbeth M30s???

anyone ever try this?

Curious also about Ayre AX-7e and Harbeth M30?

Naim 5i seems to be the common suggestion, but I have no way to demo any Naim or Harbeth gear. However, I do have an itch for the M30s...

I would definitely recommend listening to the Monitor 30's before you buy them. I am a great fan of Harbeth but have heard the M30 on many occasions and it is by far, my least favorite Harbeth speaker. I would suggest a good listening session before you buy. IMHO the Compact 7 and the Super HL5 are much more musical than the M30's. I own the M40's and have owned the SHL5's before. Have you already heard the M30's and liked them?

On the electronics front the LFD Mistral and the Primare i30 are great integrated amps that mate well with the Harbeth's.

Good Luck on your search. Also, you should check out the Harbeth User Forum for more information.
thanks, Joey54. There is not way for me to listen to Harbeths - my interest is piqued by what I have read, and what I have learned about my own tastes.

As for the amps - again limited local fare. Wondering about Cary or Cayin, Naim and the like, but Ayre is the only one nearby I have had a chance to audition (also MAC, Levinson, Bryston, Audio Research, etc), in addition to the tidbits I have at home already (a Linn for a tertiary system, and some Metronome equipment running Wilson Benesch ARCs in the main 2ch system, then a HT setup). I am looking for a new 2ch setup for an office we are creating with a home renovation, and have a pair of N805s. They sounded quite nice with the Ayre when I tried it, but I think I would like to go for something different....

Anyway, we'll see what I can find.

Thanks, again.