linelevel pre that facilitates balanced bi-amping?

Any suggestions for a warm sounding balanced line level solid state pre-amp that has two pairs of XLR's out? Remote a plus.
As always thanks in advance.
If you are going to take things that far, you really need to move into an active electronic crossover. As such, you would only need one set of balanced outs. I know that this may be more involved than what you had planned, but believe me, it would be well worth it. Sean
Sean, thanks for your reply. I'm sure your advise has merit. I am trying to help out a friend and I'm sure that by-passing the passive cross-overs in his new speakers are not an option for him.
That's quite a list of "requirements"-- hard to meet them all. If your friend would accept a tubed pre-amp, the Sonic Frontiers Line series of pre-amps could meet all the requirements except, of course they're not solid state. And the stock tubes would have to be changed to get the "warmth" you want.

But the Line series has two pair(s) of XLR terminals out, and a beautiful FULL function remote. It can be warmed up wit NOS tubes, and is available in three models and price levels-- may only be available used in the near term? Good Luck. Craig
You could also use an active crossover like Bryston's. They allow you to set the high and low pass cutoff frequencies. You set the high pass cutoff below the passive internal crossover and the low pass cutoff above the passive internal crossover. This will still provide many of the benifits of a true active crossover setup without having to ruin the market value of the speakers.

You can add the Aesthetix Callisto to the SF Line 2/3. Actually had an SF 3SE home for extended audition. The Callisto was the only linestage I found that beat it out overall. It was a close thing. If remote had been a big deal the decision might have swung the other way. Both pretty much smoked the ARC LS2B that the Callisto ultimately replaced.
Thank you everyone for your thoughtfull replies. Interestingly enough my friend previously owned a Sonic Frontiers Line 3. He sold all his equipment prior to a recent move. His requirements have made a rather radical change with the purchase of a TacT 2.2.
So far I have found one that meets all the criteria, the GamuT.
can someone provide a list of all pre amps ss and tube models that have a biamp capability ..i wish to see what my choices are..thanks
I am not sure but Gryphon may have such a pre-amp.
Has anyone looked at a schematic for a line stage that has two set of outputs? My suspicion is that both sets are simply wired together in parallel internal to the amp. The second set of connectors is very convenient on the amp but is this really any different (better) than using a solid block Y-connector on a single set of outputs?
Or, you can save a lot of $$$ on cables by putting the solid block Y-connector at the amp and using a short 1/2m jumper to the other channel of the amp. This, of course, is applicable for vertical bi-amping...
This is bit more complicated (and maybe not possible) if balanced XLR is a requirement.