LG TV into EAD 9000?

Have a LG model #30FZ1DC HD TV that I'm trying to feed into a EAD DSP-9000III. My problem is that while this will light the "locked" light for that (or either) TOSLINK input on the 9000 - no sound. If I feed this output into my Marantz 560 pre/pro - no problem. I can then go out the analog outs of the pre-pro into a ultra low quality a/d converter and into the 9000 and that works - sound.
Question is: Does anyone know what's coming out of the LG in terms of digi ? It has to be something besides a stock PCM 44.1 out?
Know this arrangement seems strange but I care intensely about music reproduction and like having the TV's sound come out of the stereo - but not interested in surround sound.
Does the pre/pro say what the bit rate is? You may be able to change it in the TV's menu.
Picked up a copy of the service manual today - no info on what is coming out of the optical digi out.nothing in the menu's or owner's manual for the TV either.