Levinson No. 23 mods/updates

Some time back (several months??), I saw someone advertising for sale a Levinson No. 23 that had been "updated" to some different value resistors in part of the circuit and replacing some capacitors that are subject to heat damage being near the resistors.

While I don't recall the specifics, I seem to remember the implication was this change was a known issue with the amp and it was a improvment over the original design.

Can anyone shed some insight on this question?
You sure this is not the .5 revision?I am talking about the 23.5 .I got the 27.5 .However I read about one guy who tweeked his 20.5 monos.I believe it's member "rauliruegas"
Hi George, no I don't believe it's the .5 revison, although the 23.5 may have incorporated this change since it's a newer model than the 23.

I think the big difference in 23 vs. 23.5 is the 23.5 has Teflon circuit boards and (I've heard) all mil-spec parts. Other than the circuit board (and maybe the mil-spec parts), my understanding is that the two amps have the same circuit design.