levinson 380 pre-amp help, help, help

Anyone know how to get my volume knob "unstuck". it wont go up or down, only control is to use the remote. I dont have the volume locked... i think its more serious... is there a "reset" like my 37... thanks chucker
Have you tried turning it off via the switch on the back panel? That's the only "reset" I know of.
I had the same problem with my ML 380. I have sent it off to the Service Bench in MA. to be re-furbished. When I talked to them about the problem they gave me the impression that it was a software problem. I'm also have the unit upgraded with new cap's.
Try calling ML to see if there is a reset. They helped me when my ML 39 drawer did not work and told me how to reset it.
Joe Nies