Levinson 33h or Lamm M1.2

Well I have an opportunity to purchase the Levinson 33h amps or the Lamm M1.2's. I have had the Levinson 20.6 pure class A amps in the past and liked them very much. I have been told the Lamm's are much like a modern version of the 20.6 both being pure class A. Any feedback would be appreciated.
I can't compare the two; however, I did own a pair of 33H's for nearly 10 years (unfortunately, they got water-damaged and were beyond repair). I can say that the 33H's are amazing amplifiers; just be sure that you've got a dedicated 20 amp circuit for each one.
Speakers might be involved in this.Good luck,Bob
Tell us more about your system, cabling and listening room ???
I've had both amps. I'd choose the Lamm M1.2s every time. Which did you choose?