LessLoss Firewall for Loudspeakers

I just read the 6 moons review of the LessLoss firewall for Loudspeakers, interested if anyone has tried it yet and what is your opinion. 

Did you get them today?

I placed an order over the weekend with Atelier 13 in Nashville. Constantin told me that they reach 'maturity" in 100-150 hours.
@ozzy Yes, they turned up here in Aus exactly as estimated. Full credit to UPS.

I am a bit lost for words, these have far exceeded my expectations. From initial connection the music is fuller, bass is tighter, high frequencies are cleaner, more darkness/separation in the music. I am seriously gobsmacked at the improvement. 

When you visually look at the Firewall and hear the effect it is hard to comprehend what is going on.

They are quite expensive for me due to the Aus/US dollar exchange, but worth every cent.

I hope you get your trial set soon, I think will be shocked in a good way.
Well I just received my trial pair. I assume they have been broken in already.
First impression: Not much improvement if any compared to my Cerious Matrix cables by themselves.

I’ll give them more time and then take them to see if they can change my first impressions.

Interesting, probably like all the things I try it depends on your system and its weaknesses.

Possibly my system wasn't as good as I thought, hence the noticeable improvement.