Legacy Studio HD

I have been thinking about the Legacy Studio HD for some time now. Consequentially,while doing my research,I stumbled across the fact that the Studio HD may have upgraded about 18 months ago and now have a better ribbon tweeter(AMT?). Legacy claims the only upgrades of these speakers were done years ago when they went from Kevlar(yellow) and a square box, to what you see today with the angular cuts and the silver graphite carbon bass/midrange driver. I tend to give credence to this silent upgrade because, other than more finishes offered in recent years ,they suddenly went from $1385 CND to $1699 CND?

Some dealers are offering them at a suggested retail of $1699 while others are offer the same outward appearing speaker at $1385 making me suspect they may have changed something most likely the ribbon tweeter configuration about 18 months ago.

Would anyone else care to weigh in on this one? BTW,I have nothing against Legacy speakers as they seem well built, well engineered and have received very good reviews. This piece is just a potential puzzle for me.

Thanks in advance.

The $1385 price would seem to be outdated. I would believe what Legacy says about no changes to the speaker. They charge different prices based on the finish. Natural cherry is least expensive, followed by rosewood and then their very nice black pearl finish. Each of the last two are upcharges over the cherry which I believe comes in at about $100 over the $1385 stated above. Hope this helps.
Most of the legacy website is not updated on this issue but their latest catalog (needs login) has the Studio HD with the AMT.

"One of the finest compact monitors ever built, Studio HD features an 8”
Silver/Graphite bass/midrange and our 1” folded AMT tweeter. A favorite among
reviewers and recording professionals. Coupled with the Metro subwoofer,
Studio HD offers a building block approach to true high-end audio."