Legacy focus polyfill

Doe does anyone know if the original Focus came with polyfill? Recently I had to open one up to repair a connection and there was about two handfuls in there. Being a ported design I was curious if it was used or not. Thanks for any information.

Call them? :) THey'd probably help you out.

You can still use stuffing with ported speakers. Maybe not as tightly and leaving space around port entrance.
IF you don't get an answer send me an Email or DM and Ill open mine up and see whats in there. I have looked before inside but its been a long time
Looking at mine, I think it may have had just a piece covering the port holes from the inside? I've pulled a speaker and the rear connection plate before and didn't see any, but I can see some looking down the port holes. 

So I spoke with legacy and they did come with polyfill. I just so happened to have a box so I filled they with an amount I felt was adequate and the bass sounds so much better now. Seems less boomy. The next project will be to upgrade the crossovers. They seem to be cheaply built. New caps, resistors, wiring should be a huge improvement to these.
I noticed the internal wiring in my Focus's looked rather pedestrian, it was of sufficient gauge, but nothing special. One of my peeves about ultra expensive speaker wires and jumpers, you cannot overcome the internal wiring and crossover materials inside. (Unless you replace them) so at some point it must plateau. Putting your money toward replacing internal wiring and crossover components would be money much better spent. Something you can actually hear the difference quite easily.