Legacy Calibre vs Triad Gold or Roon Music Steamer

I have a Triad 5.1 system in area is less than perfect. It is an older home with the large oak opening from dinning room. The opening is almost impossible to get correct phasing. There is a new audio/video installer who recommended replacing the Triad Golds with Legacy Calibre speakers: https://legacyaudio.com/products/view/calibre/ on stands. He feels it will give me the sound/phasing I want. Golds: https://www.triadspeakers.com/products/home-cinema/inroom/ir-gold-lcr/

I am also thinking about looking at the many Roon ready music streamers: https://kb.roonlabs.com/Roon_partner_programs

Main music source is ROON via my PC /NAS via Ethernet into an endpoint. Yamaha/AV Pre amp CX-A5100.

Have an Opppo Blu Ray without Roon.

Thank You Kindly,
Trying to understand what makes this an either / or scenario for you? Can you explain further?  Thanks!
It is too late to remove the 2nd question.

I wanted opinions concerning  the Legacy speakers or stay with the Triad Golds.

I added a 2nd part, would it be better to keep the Triads and get a music streamer. I am Bi-polar. I appreciate your help keeping me focused.

If you think it will help other members better understand your needs and offer you better feedback, simply delete this thread (you can as the OP) and start a new thread re-stating your question / information.
The Legacy speakers are very well thought of and have fantastic reviews.

I have not heard much about the Triads.

Is your installer talking about including the Legacy Wavelet DSP? It is supposed to be a miracle worker when it comes to room correction.