LED turntable lamps/lights

So I’ve got a Clearaudio Innovation Master turntable - beautiful machine - with the lower platter being a very thick chunk (2.5" - 3") of translucent acrylic. I’ve seen beautiful pics of folks back-lighting acrylic platters with color LEDs, but I’m not sure yet where to find the proper lightning accessories for this. Do I get a very small goose-neck LED lamp and point it behind the platter? Is there a good shop for these kind of lamps that can point into the right height range (4-5 inches)? Any recommended lamps? I’d prefer to not just start buying, and throwing away ones that turn out sub-optimal.

I like blue best - do I find a blue LED lamp, or get a white LED and add a blue gel filter? Any help here appreciated - I am lost! My girlfriend and I listen a lot in the dark, so an occasional light show could add some nice value.
Hi Mulveling -
I'm not sure about how to go about that on your Clearaudio table, but I had the same desire for a vintage SL1200 I had pretty heavily modded. I found a purveyor of DJ equipment in England on eBay that had what he called halo lighting for SL1200's. I installed it to great effect. I had already refit all other lights on the table with blue LED's and with the blue halo it was quite stunning in the dark! The installation involved removal of the plastic shroud under the platter and adhering the light array around the perimeter of the plinth under the platter. It was wired into the power on circuit but there is a downside; it introduced quite a noticeable bit of electrical noise that is audible at idle. There's probably a way to deal with that, but I set it aside right after I did it in favor of a MOFI Ultradeck with a Hana SL cartridge so lost motivation.