Record Clamps

I have a Logic DM101 suspended table similar to a Linn Sondek with a short spindle due to my thick mat.

Can someone suggest a clamp that doesn't cost an arm and a leg that is suitable for a suspeneded table of this type.

If it has a level on top then thats a bonus!
Hi Kel,

Think Michell made/make one with a level - if it doesn't fit, lose the thick mat, or try an extremephono donut/skin & you shouldn't need a clamp.
I had a DM 101 & about 40 tables since - what arm/cartrdige are you using with it?
Cheers Si
Hello Simon74

I use my Logic with a RB-300 with all the mods and VTA adjuster and a Grado Reference. I also put new springs in it to make the suspension tighter sort of like the Trampolin mod.

Currently I use a thick cork mat on it and have not experimented with others. Got any suggestions?

I'd still like to use a clamp as I have some warped LPs I really like so any other suggestions would be appreciated
It is very difficult to use a clamp with a suspended table. If it is a clamp that relies on weight and is heavy enough to flatten a record then the extra weight loads down or bottoms out the suspension. If it is one that you press down and then it grabs the spindle you can't push it down far enough to flatten the record without bottoming out the suspension in the process, which I imagine can't be good to do repeatedly. Your best bet would be one that screws down onto a threaded spindle but if your spindle isn't threaded then that's not an option.
like the sota (costly) and michell:


dont rely on the weight although the sota is heavy, the michell is not. i sense a slight improvement in sound on some TTs, and the intimate contact of the disc to the platter makes for a stabler sound.

not all records are flat enough even for the reflex clamps but for the ost part, the clamp is a benefit (imnsho).

aka hifitommy
thanks for the ideas I woundup buying a Clearaudio Clamp that works the same as the Michell clamp but heavier.

Wow! what an improvement syballant LPs play clear and I"m getting so much more weight and detail in all frequencies.

The added weight of the clamp did not affect my tables suspension.

A really good tweak indeed!