Leak Stereo 30 integrated amplifier

Hi guys
Is there anyone who can tell me what size banana plugs will fit the speaker inputs for this amp?
its a very unusual setup with one large and one small hole for each speaker connection.  The owner has no way of measuring it and the original plugs are very hard to find.
At the moment the owner is using matchsticks to hold the cables in which is far from ideal and she doesn’t want to convert it to new binding posts due to cost.
Happy new year
Thanks mate bu no good for the 30 or 30 plus.
they look like the ones on the later Leak Delta amps.
man I really appreciate your help but no I’m actually not sure what they do.  I bought a set and they were to short between pins.  The distance is 12mm.  The pin sizes are a tad small too.  
The leak 30 is a very early solid state amp.
ps I will try to post a pix of what I’m after 
Sorry Ed, my links didn't do any good, it doesn't make sense if I suggests to buy a set of gauge pins just to measuring two holes.

Maybe a set of drill pits can give you the measurements needed.