Latest First Sound Presence Deluxe Mk II Upgrades

Emmanuel Go of First Sound was offering an upgrade last year of his First Sound Presence Deluxe Mark II. Did anyone take him up on it? Was it worth it? How did the sound change? Are you still happy?

I have a recent model First Sound Presence Deluxe II, so I can't offer a first hand response to your direct question, but having spoken with Emmanuel on several occasions, I have to assume whatever upgrade he was offering not only improved least to a degree that his highly discerning ears could detect...but was also fairly priced. I seem to recall the upgrade was for models made before February 2003, and had something to do with an adjustment to the grounding. Double check with Emmanuel for the details.
Funny that you ask. My FS PDMKII is from 2000. I am scheduled to send it in for the upgrade during the first week of May. It's a great sounding preamp that I already love, so we'll see what the $600 gets me. The upgrade consists of fully implementing new construction techniques (whatever that means), adding two capacitors, changing the input resistors, and reconfiguring the grounding topology. Tubes are changed to the cryogenically treated 6N1Ps that are used in current production.

Emmanuel is great to talk to, and his preamps are first class all the way! I went thru 4 decent preamps before i got the FS, and I think the buck stops here!