Lately I have been reading more

About room equalization components. For awhile they had seemed to go away but I guess with computer technology they seemed to have gained in popularity. Even though I read about them I don't have much understanding about them. Back in the day the purist always said keep it simple. But with technology the way it is today is this the next step in audio. Or is it better to just keep it simple and enjoy what you're system can do. Sometimes this hobby gets so confusing that the more I know it seems like the less I know.


Equalizers have always been politically incorrect in high end, disapproved of. That's because the typical graphic equalizer is not very transparent, often causing a decrease in resolution and general SQ when inserted into a really good system. The filters in them often add phase shift and other artifacts to the signal, doing as much harm as good. But even before that, the theory behind them is flawed; an equalizer is often used to correct for problems that require acoustic solutions, not electronic.

But the current digital devices for room mode/bass problems (such as the Antimode Dual-Core by Gradient) are a different story. If used on a separate subwoofer, they offer substantial improvements with no penalty. The signal to the power amp and main loudspeakers does not pass through it, so is not digitized. Purist approved!