Laser disc reads "A3 ", will not open.

Pioneer cld99 was working perfectly until was shipped across country. Now it will not open tray and reads "A3". Cant locate manual. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
As I recall, the "A3" error code means either:
1. the transport mechanism was damaged in shipping and the tray won't open...
2. the gremlins have stuck it to you, and it's time to buy a newer machine.

Actually, I think "A3" probably means that your machine has a problem, and that you should be prepared to shell out big bucks for someone else to diagnose and repair the malfunction. All of us have had equipment failures and the cryptic damn error codes don't help much without translation. It's enough to make a guy lose his brain water.

OK, last attempt to be helpful. It's possible that your player has a locking screw that immobilizes the transport mechanism while it is being shipped. Since neither of us have a manual to decipher the error code, I suggest you look on the bottom your player to see if there is a CD transport locking screw -- if so, remove it and see what happens.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Maybe someone with actually useful information will respond.
Sdcampbell, any help is useful and I thank you! Anyone else? Brent
According to my CLD-97 (the LD Model just below yours) manual, "an H0, H1, or A (followed by a number) indicates the player is in an abnormal condition. When requesting service, please note the displayed number." Or to simplify, "You're F**ked". Try this:

1) turn on unit
2) press stop
3) turn off unit, and leave off for 10 minutes
4) unplug unit for 15 minutes
5) plug in unit for 5 minutes
6) turn on power switch, and give it a go.

Sometimes, this will reset a microprocessor that has developed a 'glitch'.
Thanks fatparrot , that is something to try. I really appreciate it!! Do you really have a parrot? Brent
Yes, Brainwateryes, I really do (Blue Front Amazon). Good luck!