Large Can Power Caps Compatibility Question

~~~~Out of a 1970s Pioneer SX1250 receiver, 4 capacitors 22000uf 80v 85C Nippon Chemi-con (brand) C E W below logo. Aprox 5 in. tall and 2.5 in. diameter. A couple of these are have what appears to be an overheated area on the center of the bottom between the screw terminals, bubbled and leaked a dark brown goo.

Found 22000 uf 100v, Capacitance Tolerance + 50/- 10 %
Part number 95F4479 at

Are these satisfactory replacements? Seems like a drop in fix, but since I'm not a tech I need your expertise. Thanks in advance.

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They look OK to me. The real rating you have to be careful about in Power-Supply (= electrolytic) caps is the max-voltage rating. You NEVER should use an electrolytic cap with a voltage rating LOWER than what was there. (Audiofile-grade film caps are a different story--their rating can safely be exceeded [by maybe 50%] without a problem, altho I'm sure there will me some who disagree with me.)

I think you're OK on these PS caps. Be sure you have the polarity right before screwing/soldering them in.
So long as they physically fit and you observe proper polarity, i see no problems with doing this at all. I would only add that you should orient the polarity of the new capacitors in the same direction as that of the old capacitors. If in doubt, mark the cabling with some "Scotch tape" before removal in order to minimize any confusion that may come about after all the parts are removed. Sean
~~~~I do appreciate you taking the time to answer Jeff, Thanks! Hey Sean, good to hear from you again! Glad those pooh-poohers didn't run you off. I enjoy reading your posts. It's like I tell my kids, "We are all different and everybody fits in somewhere, we all have a purpose for being who we are"(Yeah, I used to watch Mr. Rogers).

Thanks and GOD BLESS!
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