Lampizator USB Transport vs. Berkeley Alpha USB

Hello - I own an Aurender S10 and I've been using the USB output to a Berkeley Alpha USB to my DAC. My DAC only accepts S/PDIF input, so I need a USB-to-S/PDIF converter. I get great results with the Berkeley, but since the Lampizator is tube-based, I am curious. Has anyone had the opportunity to compare these 2 converters?

Thank you

I have been listening to the Lampi USB transport for several months. As good as my L5 USB is the USB Transport makes everything better. Bass is tighter and more defined. Blacker background. Musical instrument cues just decay gradually into the background. Very impressive. It can be configured with Coaxial RCA, XLR, and BNC outputs. Great power supply of course.

Sorry for the delayed reply. After reading your comment and a few others I ordered a USB Transport and it arrived this week. I agree with your description - its an excellent converter. It is a nice improvement over the Berkeley Alpha USB.

Can you be more specific about the differences between them both?