lamm vs bat

has any one demoed or used lamm l1 or ll2and compared to do they score on musicality, transparency,imaging n detail.
i have not heard the Lamm L1 or LL2 but i have had the Lamm L2 and the BAT VK-50SE in my system for about a week each. also, i own the Lamm LP2 phono stage and have had the BAT VK75SE amp in my system so i have some familiarity with the design direction of each manufacturer.

the Lamm is quite a bit more refined and transparent than the BAT, i prefer the Lamm's more neutral presentation. both the Lamm and the BAT image well and present and wide and deep soundstage when the recording provides it.....the BAT may be slightly bloomier at the expense of detail and transparency. the Lamm will tend to have a wonderful ease and textural richness that it's neutrality allows. i would guess that the less expensive Lamm preamps are similar to the L2, just not quite as transparent. the noisefloor of the Lamm is lower than the BAT which will give you blacker blacks......but the less expensive Lamm preamps will probably not be quite as quiet as the L2.

both the Lamm and BAT have excellent bass performance and 'jump factor'. they are both quite musical and natural. i prefer the better articulation from the Lamm but the BAT is plenty satisfying as far as pace and flow of the music.

the BAT is a full-feature preamp with a wonderful remote and contrast the Lamm is basic and minimalist.

i think both of these excellent products would be good choices.

btw, my passive Placette easily bettered the Lamm and every other active preamp i have had in my particular system. of course, YMMV.
I am auditioning the Lamm LL2 right now and have the BAT VK-30SE and Pass Labs X-1. The BAT has compressed dynamics versus the others and has a darker background. The Pass sounds much clearer and more dynamic than the BAT. The LL2 compares to the X-1 and has a more tube upfront/forward mid-range sound. The Pass is a little more dynamic than the Lamm with slightly more detail. I have not heard the BAT VK-50SE in my system but it should be X% better than the VK-30SE.

I also just received an email from a guy who buys and sells dealer demo units and he told me that he preferred the X-1 to the Lamm LL2 (currently being sold here on Agon)and the Hovland. YMMV.
I have owned both the L1 and the BAT VK-50SE. Sonically, the L1 is a superb preamp; my only complaint with it is that the volume control steps are too large.

The BAT has all the features one might require but, in my opinion, sounds crappy. It is compressed, non-natural sounding, and lacks any semblance of tube warmth or naturalness.