Lamm M 1.2 & 2.2 hybrid amps

I am driving Eggleston Andras W/ Vac 220 sig monos, a first sound pres del 2 aesth Io 2 phono, basis 2500, graham 2.2, koetsu r.s.p cart. AA capitole 2 cd player.I am considering one of these Lamm amps, and was wondering if anyone had gone from pure tubes to one of these amps and what their thoughts were. I am concerned about missing some of the harmonic texure and midrange that tube amps seem to so naturally portray.I tried an accuphase A-50V some tine back and it did not do it for me, preferring at that time my premier 8a amps.I would appreciate anyone with any input, thanks.
I tried the M1.2 for about a week (Revel Ultima Salon Speakers, Hovland Hp-100 pre amp (and the Lamm L-2 on loan)). I thought the sound was very transparent and nautural and had very good bass. However, it still sounded solid state to me - somewhat mechanical and not quite the level of bloom and solidity that you would get from a really good tube amp. Also, the thing ran unbelievably hot. It raised the tempature in my largish room during the winter by several degrees - you could fry an egg on the top of the amp. I did not get a chance to hear the 1.2s, which I hear are an improvement. Ultimatley, I looked at and bought the Tenor Audio Hybrids (300hps). They had the power I needed to drive the power-hungry Revels, but do an unbelievable job at conveying the tibre and texture of the music. To me, it is a perfect combo - plenty of power with the finesse to convey all the details in a realistic manner. If you are considering the Lamms, it would be worth your while to take a listen to the Tenors as well. I think they are in about the same price category.
I recently switched from the CAT JL2 to the M1.2's. My initial reasons were some customer service issues, and the fact that I did not want to deal with a 200 lb beheamoth every time something went wrong. That aside, the CAT is a fantastic sounding amplifier.
I spent a lot of time listening to the 1.2's, and ML1.1's and ML2's.
I can tell you that the new hybrid gives up very little to any of these tube amps. It has a beautiful, open, liquid midrange, with none of the veil, or edge you might expect. The highs are smooth and extended, and the bass blows away any of the others. They are beautifully made, with quite a proven track record of reliability. Should a problem arise, I've been told that Vladimir would stop the world to get it taken care of. That goes a long way in the enjoyment of one's system.
Here is "any input"! I own a modest tube amp as well as solid state amps. I had the pleasure of auditioning the 2.2 a short while back. I thought they were great amps with fine accuracy, very good texture, unreal detail and good air. They did not however have a tube-like midrange sweetness to my ears. Mind you I would have been more than happy to own them for myself, but the minor issue of cost was a consideration. I don't honestly think if your a real tube person the 2.2 would be the right amp for you, but you may want to consider the Lamm tube power amps which I understand are close to perfection. Unfortunately I haven't heard them in the flesh.