Lamm L2 Vs. Conrad Johnson Art II

I currently own the Lamm ML2 Amps, Lamm LP2 Phono Preamp and
the Conrad Johnson Premier 16 Preamp. I have heard the Lamm L2 and love how it rounds out the sound producing music, not just musical information. But, it does not have a remote control. Since I have decided between these two units, has anyone listened to both products? If the CJ Art II is comparable to the Lamm, that would be a plus as it has a remote.
Dear Mr 10023,
You posted a related question about the ART sometime back and I was the only one that answered since I, too, have the Premiere 16.

Glad to see you are making progress. I am still interested in the answer to your questions. Hope someone who knows something responds this time.

Best regards,
you already own a cj-premier 16ls,if you compare the cj vs the L2,is there a big difference?????????

do the cj match well with lamm??

i am a big fan of lamm
I'm of not much help either, as I'm waiting for new tubes for the CJ Premier 14 I just bought for my Lamm M1.1's. I am currently using a placette active(which I will compare once I get the new tubes from CJ).
So if either of you upgrade I might be interested in you Premier 16's as the art is out of my $$$ reach after buying the Lamm amps.
The CJ is a mere toy compared to the not hesitate...go with Lamm. I had both, and I recently heard the CJ again. Just not in the same league.
Quick question: Are you comparing the Premier 16 Series 2 or the original 16? There is a big difference between these two units.