Lack of Simaudio Home Theater

I recently listened to Moon products for the first time(Eclipse CD,P5 preamp, and W5 amp paired with JMLabs Utopia) and heard clarity and presence I'm not used to. The dealer didn't have any Sim multichannel on display, so I'm dying to see if the performance is anywhere close. I watch diligently for it on this site and elsewhere, but don't see much of it. I'm wondering if it's not selling well, or if people are just holding on to it. Any info, good or bad would be great since I want to revamp my modest system this spring. I won't be getting Utopia's anytime soon,(maybe someday!), but I'm hoping to replace my starters(Paradigm Monitor 5's), with Studio 100's. I have the CC370 and ADP170's in the rear, and I'm hoping they'll do for a while, since I need new components more than new surrounds. Sim has a new home theater set coming out soon, closer to my price range, so I'm hoping to see performance that WOW's me the way the two channel did. Maybe a dedicated stereo setup someday...
You could check with Gerard at They are doing a HT setup and I believe they are using some of Sim's HT gear. They also reviewed the attraction before they bought one. They were surprised to find the pre section sounded as good as the Moon P5 [In their opinion]. Someone at audiogon is using simHT gear[I forget whom]. Maybe they'll chime in. Good luck.
I, too, believe sim moon makes a superior product, an almost traded in my meridian 568 for the sim home theater processor. Not to sound like a snob, but to go to a sim home theater processor without a major upgrade of your speakers would be, in my opinion, a misallocation of resources. the excellent sound of the sim processor would
not be experienced played through your current setup. I would first proceed with upgrading your speakers, and then consider an upgrade of the processor.
I heard the Titan at the Thiel room at CES this year, and loved it. Mig is right, you will want to be able to convey the small differences in a truly high end amp through speakers that will do so. The Titan is 200w a channel, so not really a big juicer, but has finesse. The only other thing I have heard close was a Cinepro 3K6SE GOLD, which is a 425W x 6 and you wouldnt believe how quiet, and transparent it was. The advantage there is mucho headroom, and extreme dynamic range.
Thanks for the responses,I haven't had chance to respond due to failing dsl modem. I agree with you both in that I need to upgrade my speakers and plan to. As I said before, I'm hoping to stay in the Paradigm line since I've read it keeps the voicing and tones similar in a theater setup. Do either of you have any experience with their Reference Studio series? Any other suggestions for a fair match with Moon? I would like to stay in the same price range(<2000)if possible. Also, if funds are not available I may go with Rotel's 1066 and 1095 combo. Any thoughts, room is about 11 x 18. Hopefully larger in the future.
I have the Sim Titan EAD Sig 8 and it is as good as it gets But a word to the wise if your going to spend that kind of money make damn sure you get a pro to set it up for you it makes a big difference. Im driving Aerial 10ts with center surrounds and the Aerial sub and it sounded just ok. I had Robert from Bush Hometheater set the system and what a difference. Music just comes alive .