Kudos for Krell Customer Service

I recently purchased a demo Krell 400xi from a Krell USA authorized dealer. Shortly after the equipment was installed in my system, the remote failed. I called Krell and unlike all too many manufacturers, I reached a live and sympathetic and efficient human being in less than a minute. I was then, in turn, referred to Bret D'Agostino the National Sales Manager who without a moment's hesitation volunteered to send me a new remote at no cost to me, not even shipping charges; which then arrived 3 days later after an East Coast to West Coast journey. I have been in this hobby for almost 45 years, and I can therefore say with some authority that there are very few companies that are so caring and responsive. In these more than trying economic times, it is indeed nice to know that some companies are still willing to give customer satisfaction top priority. Congratulations, Krell; and once again, thank you! You have set a standard that many other manufacturers would be well-served to emulate.
It is good to know their service is that good. I have had 3 pre amps 4 amps and a CD player and have yet to need their service.
I love great customer service. If I was on the fence on a couple of products it would defineatly make you lean towards the one with great customer support.
You are correct...Krell is the best of the best when it comes to customer satisfaction! It is good to know Bret is following in his fathers footsteps and keeping the tradition alive. WAY TO GO KRELL AND WAY TO GO BRET!!!
Classe produced a similar experience. Purchased a 5200 Amp on Gon. One of the channels stopped working. It was still under warrantee but I was not the original owner. There was also a large scratch on the side of the unit that I was surprised to see when I first received it. I sent it back to them expecting to be charged. It cost me several hundred dollars just to ship it too them. Well they fixed it, replaced the case and shipped it back to me at no charge. Wow was that a great company!