Ktema Accordo vs. Vienna Acoustics Kiss


Am looking to switch speakers from Dynaudio Contour S3.4 driven by Krell FPB 200c power amplifier and my shortlist is:

Ktema Accordo
Vienna Acoustics Kiss
Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Concert Grand

I am looking for less treble sizzle than I have currently and more tonal density, bloom and textured deep bass.

I have heard the Ktema Accordo driven by a Bully Sound Company (Brett D'Agostino) stereo amp and liked it overall especially the natural ease with which it disappeared. I am guessing the Brett D'Agostino amps sound a lot like FPB cast era Krells and so will be a similar match. The caveat is it may be too small for my large room and thus lack bass or be overdriven at large volumes.

I have heard the Vienna Acoustics The Music (The Kiss' bigger brother) being driven by Bryston amplification and it was a decent match albeit slightly thick in presentation - not what I expected - but could be largely due to room conditions. My room would be too small for The Music but I am guessing The Kiss would fit in just fine and be a good match for Krell. It would probably give me more bass than the Accordo being a 3 way.

I heard the Beethoven Baby Grands being driven by Ayre amplification and it was the most enjoyably balanced sound across all musical genres albeit lacking the last bit in resolution and having a less visceral sound than my current setup. I am guessing the Beethoven Concert Grand would maintain the same musical and laid back sonic signature and match Krell. This would also be available at the best price point although you may say it is in a lower class than the other 2 choices.

As you can surmise, I am unable to test each specific speaker in the context of my own setup and am relying on guesswork and hopefully the collective experience of the folks on this board.

Any comments appreciated.

The Vienna relaesd Imperial Listz speakers. You should check them out.
The owner of Vienna Acoustics "The Music" was impressed with Wavetouch Audio, Grand Teton speakers. The link to Comments.
Great to hear you have been blessed to hear the accordos. I have heard them also and have not been able to find a better sounding speaker. Of course Franco's focus is the dynamic mids which was his focus with his long lines of SF's speakers. You are not only paying for the sound, but it's elegant craftsman ship. Tone Audio will have a review in the next magazine if still looking. Now, I am bias. I have a pair of Ketemas which is accordo with the added bass. Of course I am minimizing it since the Ketemas are much more for much greater price. Curious which speakers you finally choose and why.