Kronos Sparta and TW Acoustic TT

I had convinced myself that my next TT would be one of the TW Acoustic TT's, beautifully made and machined. All the TW models look and sound fantastic. At this year's RMAF however I spent some time listening to and looking at the Kronos Sparta. The dual platter technology of the Kronos looks and sounds very intriguing. The opposite spinning platters really do seem to cancel out noise and vibration. The background of the Sparta was incredibly quiet.

Have you owned and/or compared these tables? The TW Acoustic are extremely well made, but more straight forward in design whereas the Sparta seems a bit more 'complex' with many more parts. Could the Sparta be more prone to glitches and technical issues due to its many moving parts? Thoughts?
Hi Stickman,

I own the Sparta and was also at RMAF. What room did you see the Sparta? I only saw the Sparta 0.5 and that was in static mode. The bigger Kronos Pro Ltd was playing in the GTT Audio room and I thought it sounded FANTASTIC!

The Sparta is very modular, so easy to fix and replace parts if needed actually. I've owned mine for about 6-8 months, absolutely no issues thus far. Great table and I would love to move up to the Kronos Pro one day.

You are correct, only the Limited model of the Sparta was in play and the Sparta .5 was only on display. I am making the 'leap of faith' that all three models would sound very similar overall with each move up in the line just more of everything good.

Even their smallest model, the Sparta .5 looks a bit complex and I am just wondering if a more traditional, simpler design (very well executed) like the TW Acustic is the better route overall.

The big Limited Sparta did sound outstanding and I immediately noticed how quiet the backgrounds were with that table; no self noise at all that I could hear. It sounded great (as any $30k TT should).
That is exactly what I loved about my Sparta. I have a friend who is also a dealer and he has both the Sparta and Pro Limited with the new motors. He says the Pro absolutely is better than the Sparta, though it was difficult to put into words. I'm considering trading up if GTT can make a deal on that Pro they had at the show. ;-)

Actually, the design of the Kronos is very straight forward. It really makes it easy to repair components if ever necessary, perhaps easier than other TTs.

Where are you located?
Hi folks,
I own a TW Raven with BN Motor and Controller. Wonderful TT. Love the Kronos Flagship. Sorry, don't know the model. Yes, looks a bit more complex but I think it is solid and trouble free. Great sounding too. I know some owners. If you have the money, at a similar price, did you hear the new Dohmann TT at RMAF. $36K without the vacuum hold down. I think this table is a game changer. Possibly the best analog source component I have heard outside of Home Unity Audio Tape Play. If I had the money, would possibly by the Dohmann after more listening.
Did not notice the Dohmann; haven't heard of that brand/model. Who makes that. How long have you had the Raven? What arm are you using?
I've heard good feedback on the Dohmann at RMAF. Wish I paid attention to it at RMAF.

I got my Raven in 2008. Running latest version of Triplanar arm and Transfiguration Proteus cart. Over the years I have purchased the BN controller and motor. Also TW Mat.

Mark Dohmann was Continuum. Now he is Dohmann TTs . I was never in love with the Contiuum particularly considering the very high price for it. At $36K without vacuum this is a steal and conceivably a game changer in analog reproduction. I heard with the vacuum so I'm going by what Mark Dohmann told me at the show which is almost as good with his clamp and no vacuum but I did not hear it that way. Pump can be had after initial purchase but they don't have a price for that. I hope to visit my local distributor soon just to hear it in a different system. No plan to buy right now however.

Again, I have only heard the Kronos in its flagship model and not with the new motor. It's a great table in its flagship venue. Not certain about the dressed down models but I would think the digitally controlled motor in the flagship is a significant part of replay for it. I don't think you get that in the lesser priced models. I also think the accompanying arm they market is a primary plus for that table. No idea how it sounds without it.
Hi elinor, 
Funnily enough, when I was TT shopping the TW Acustic was tops on my list.  I talked to Jeff at High Water Sound about a GT or AC, but he didn't take in trades (at least not what I had to offer, digital, LOL!).  So I kept on looking.  Heard a few other tables and went to Bill's GTT Audio.  That was that, super clean sound and dynamic as all heck.   If you heard a recent Pro, it has the new motor I believe.
Thx for the info on the Dohmann, I have to seek one out.  I'm going to TAVES end of month, perhaps they'll have one there.  But TBH, really eyeing the Kronos Pro for an upgrade. ;-)

Oddly, I replied using the new beta site a week ago but apparently that feature isn't working. Thx for the info, I'll see if I can seek out a Dohmann to audition.

If you can, try to audition a Kronos TT. I'm using a Trinity phono with my Sparta and I haven't heard a quieter analog setup yet.


The Kronos is a great table. No question. But I don't think it's a game changer in the same sense as the Dohmann TT with vacuum hold on platter. The demo I heard at RMAF was the most transparent fastest response I can recall from an analog source. I am very familiar with some of the best out there to like the Walker in its latest generation for example. Try to find a Dohmann dealer in your area. You really should hear it.
Kronos has a low noise floor but it also lacks some of that sparkle and excitement that accompanies a great analog system. Take a look at Avid Acutus