Kronos vs TW Acoustic

Which do you like best, the TW Acustic Raven AC-1 or the Kronos Limited?
Wave Kinetics NVS :)
Will be jumping on Wave Kinetics NVS soon!!!
Hanss T-60. Many benefits like multiple motors and can support multiple tonearms to name a couple. If you read 3 of the  absolute sound reviews of the 'cost no object' best sounding rooms at the 2016 Newport Audio show, they picked the Lotus Group room that was sourced with the Hanss T-60SE turntable. Kronos was there but didn't make the top sounding room list. I have had my Hanns T-60 for 6 years and love it.

TW Acustic turntables are featured in High Water Sounds rooms and always makes best sound list.
Go for Kronos Pro with PSU if possible . Raven is no where near . Have both & AFO in my room 
Of course Raven is much cheaper & a trouble free TT. I have it for many years with 3 motors 
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Im using TW Acustic AC3 with Black Night 3 motor unit,feet,battery power supply,arm board and copper motor cover as well as TW Acustic tonearm sounds great to me.Im not worried about any Kronos turntable they are very good as well.
I agree, both are fantastic TT's; just different. 

My goal is to own both some day soon.

What cartridges have you tried on the AC and/or Kronos?  What do you like?
My favorite cartridge is the Transfiguration Proteus which i am now using wonderful detailed with great bass detail as well.Good luck.
Ebm, which phono are you using?  The Proteus is LOW output for sure!
@ebm typed almost 2 full lines of text. That means you know its really good stuff! ;-) Cheers,
Thoress preamp with 3 phonos but I'm upgrading to TW Acustic RPS100 phono in the next month which will be much better.

The Thales Simplicity II tonearm has elevated my TW AC-3 to a new level.
  the TW with its very flexible tonearm mounting system is a definate plus point.

 I would like to hear the Kronus, however the Wave Kinetics NVS table is of more interest and it can take multiple arms as well.

What arm did the Thales repalce?

I have had a Graham Phantom for a few years.  I still own as I put the Thales on the 2nd armboard.

  The Thales is better in every respect I am afraid.

I have had a Graham Phantom for a few years.  I still own as I put the Thales on the 2nd armboard.

  The Thales is better in every respect I am afraid.   Not that there is anything wrong with the Phantom by itself.

Were I to be at all interested in any belt-drive turntable, the Kronos would be my choice.  This is in no way meant to denigrate the TW Acoustics product.

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I see the Kronos as EXTREMELY precise, absolute perfect speed, a low low low self-noise piece of fine engineering; really the quietest table I've ever seen.  

I also think it leans a bit to the detailed, analytical side (nothing wrong with that) but I want to balance all of the above good traits with a cartridge that will add 'beauty,' rich tone/harmonics, and that inner life similar to what a really good tube pre can do.

What are some really good cartridge candidates in the $3,000 - $5,000 range?  Any recommendations?


Can I crash this party, and see what thoughts are on Kuzma tables. MF just reviewed the Stabi M with 14" arm in the new Stereophile. It was a good review, but he mentioned it was a bit on the dry side with his Lyra cartridge.
I've only heard a Feickert with Kuzma 12" VTA arm. I didn't find it dry at all.
In fact, it was too warm for me. Didn't have a good PRAT. I'm interested in the Kuzma tables, and will have my ears on one early next month. Not an easy task, as they don't have a strong presence in the US.
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Any thoughts on TW Raven GT? I'm going to try and hear one soon, but it will be in a different room, with a system that is unfamiliar to me.
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I bought a Kuzma Stabi S with 12"VTA arm, platter upgrade (essentially, two platters matted together) , upgraded motor and outboard power supply ;33 and 45 rpm
Like the ergonomics of it over my LP12. Speed stability, quiet, huge soundstage , images out of a black background, precise, neutral, not the toe tapping of a properly tuned Linn,but great detail. Compact footprint, Great customer service from Kuzma.Forgot to pack wrenches and oil; sent directly from factory to my address promptly. Only thing I want is a custom dustcover.
TW or Kronos.  Both sound amazing.  I have owned a TW Acustic Raven 2 for years. The TW Acustic TT is a "go to the grave" piece of stereo equipment for me. Love it!  The added bonus is Jeff Catalano, High Water Sound.  He is amazing to work with.  The best.  Straight shooter. Helps people build incredible systems that have a synergy with equipment that preforms at its best together.
I went from a TW Acustic Raven One to a Kronos Pro Limited. 

Night and day difference.
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what kinds of differences did you hear between your AC and Kronos?  Give us some more details!

I went from a TW Acustic Raven One to a Kronos Pro Limited.

Night and day difference.
It should be  for the huge price difference of the Pro to a Raven One.
I admire the sound from the Kronos, but the price is much higher than a TW AC