krell vs. meridian pro

I currently am using a meridian 561 which I am content with but have always found the allure of Krell attractive. I have no local retailer so haven't had the opportunity to audition. How do they compare in both 2 channel and HT to the meridian 500 series? My primary interest would be the hts 2 or possible 7.1. Would be used with rotel 5 channel amp and all B&W sig. 805 speakers.

The 565 or the 568 would be a step up. The 565 does not use the windows based software and set up is cumbersom from the front pannel. Also, it only has 1 digital coax, 1 digital optical and one analog input. Your system must be very simple, or you need to add a 562V for more inputs. There is one listed for 500 bucks. You could try it and sell it for little or no loss. The 568 has it all, but it's spendy. Mail me if you have more questions. I have never played with Krell processors.