Krell Krc-3 or Krell KCT?

I just bought a Krell FPB-600c amplifier. I am currently using a Krell KSL preamp and I am wanting to upgrade the preamp. I could possibly get a Krc-3 for around $1300.00 or a KCT for around $3500.00. My question is does the sonic benifits justify the price difference between these two? How much better sound will I get with the KCT?
I love Krell gear, and have owned both of these preamps (still have the KCT). These preamps are in completely different sonic leagues, IMO. The Krc-3 was OK, sometimes grainy or strident. The KCT passes along tons of detail, incredible micro and macro dynamics, and all without that strident character. You'll hear parts of your music you never knew existed. I have owned nice preamps from BAT and ML. I thought the ML 380S was as good as it could get....until I put that KCT in the system.
So, for my money, I think the extra $2K is well worth the huge sonic gains.
There is a downside. The KCT puts out significant heat.
I have owned both these and there is simply no contest, the KCT will simplt destroy a KRC3.

Such a nice power amp that you have definitely deserve a KCT, you can save some money and get better sound quality by hooking them up with cast connection.