Krell, Krc-3, Krc, and Krc-Hr "What's your taste"

Gretting's Friends,
Iam in the transition of up-grading my pre amp. For the last 5 years i've owned a krc-3, I know for fact that the Krc-Hr, is superior, but what about the Krc?? compaired to the Krc-3 and Krc-Hr. Or should I just keep my Krc-3 and feel blessed. Also I have a Krell Kav 250 cd player looking to move up to a Kav-300. Here again would it be worth the trouble?? Let me know what you think! you guys have always been very helpful in the past, Thanks again.
If you're going to upgrade your CD and Preamp and stay with Krell, you would be best to buy either a KCT and KPS-28C or one of the KPS-25SC one box, preamp, CD. I owned the 25SC and it is superb digital and preamp, much better than what you own. You can read my story why I dont' own it anymore under my system. With SACD still under scrutiny, the CD on the 25SC is a great choice for years to come.
The "HR" version is far better than the KRC. The KRC sounded almost exactly like it's predecessor, the KBL, but with remote control. The KRC-HR was a definite sonic improvement. Unless you will be able to use the cast technology, many feel the the KRC-HR is superior to the KCT.

DrDiamond,what people think the KRC-HR is better than the KCT? I owned the KRC-HR and it is better than the 3, but the KCT is the most dynamic, musical and quiet preamp Krell has ever built. It was a hugh improvement over my KPS-25SC whose preamp was very close to the KRC-HR.
Where you running your system in cast mode?
(by the way, my HR runs close to dead silent at full volume with two Krell amps into very efficient speakers.)
Also, one of the people who felt that the HR beat the KCT was a designer of audio systems that uses the KCT in cast mode in his own system.


One person says the KRC-HR is better than the KCT and you take it as gospel? There are many more that would argue for the KCT! I don't doubt the KRC-HR runs quiet, I had one, but its soundstage is more diffused than the KCT which has much more defined soundstage positioning and is much smoother on the treble than the KRC-HR. I suspect being around all those drills in the dentist office has deadened your high frequency hearing so it sounds as good. Just my hunch.
I had my system configured with Krell 400cx amp and Krell KPS-25sc with Siltech CAST cables and a Siltech powercord on the KPS. I bought a Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista SACD player. There was no doubt that the Musical Fidelity player sounded much better on Redbook (regular) CD playback. It was simply a question of older technology being surpassed by newer. It was not a subjective asessment; it was clear. So I decided to sell the KPS and buy a KCT preamp now that I did not need the CD/preamp combo. I auditioned the KCT in my system with CAST but I also auditioned a Pass X-1 preamp with Purist Audio Venustas IC cables. It was a blow away. The Pass sounded that much better than the KCT. Quieter,, more dynamic, loads more detail, wider soundstage; in every way more musical and more alive sounding. But I still have my Krell 400cx. I also have their newest DVD player.

I love Krell the company. Their service has always been so sharp. People there are smart, nice, and the turnaround is fast. But the audiophile world is so competitive and I can only tell you what my ears told me.

By the way SACD is truly the way to go and greatly superior to REdbook CD.
I encourage you to listen to the format.