Krell kps 25 sc

Hi folks , this is my first post here , i have bought a pristine external cond , non working,  Krell kps 25sc yesterday , it was cheap , so if i can’t make it work , it will end up at ebay sold for parts , in the event i can make it work , can i connect it to a normal amplifier ? ie: a phase linear or carver power amp ? May i use just the cd player and plug it to a Normal pre? ie: NAD C165BEE ? Thank you very much for your healthy advice
If it has analog outs, it should play through a conventional power amp.  If it has digital outs then it should connect to a DAC.  Having never owned one that is my humble contribution.
What part is working ? It has 3 separate parts, drive, d/a converter and class a preamp. The dac is probably not working and if it is the 20 bit version will likely not work again, those dacs are almost impossible to locate. In the preamp section, the heat has most likely destroyed some of the capacitors, but that is easily fixed by any decent repair shop, remember to order the most heat resistant replacement capacitors. If the laser in the drive is not reading the CD, it can be replaced, the chinese started making that laser again, and it can be found on ebay. Sometimes the rubber belt driving the laser head get brittle and needs replacing, and the metal track the laser moves on definitely need lubrication with a thin mineral oil. All parts of the Kps 25sc can be connected separately if they work, you probably need a separate dac, the drive section is  a JVC pro drive, one of the best ever made. I’m using mine into a Yggdrasil dac these days.Good luck !
Power source is working ok , display is ok also , i didn`t test the DAC and the pre , but that is not a concern to me ....

once i push the power button , the CD player laser makes a big shake , then starts to move up and down ( clicking) 20 times , then 1 time to the rear , then 20 ups and downs and one to the rear , and so on ....disc does not turn , i have also moved the pulley to move the transport to the rear , but when power is on , laser makes a but shake "clack noise" , then it starts "clicking in the position i left it , no displacement at all , belt is ok , worm is lubricated.......
Normally the disc spins if the clamp is in place, even if the laser is not working properly it will try to read TOC. What happens if you try starting it with no clamp ? Does it say “no clamp” in the display ? There is a sensor connected to the lid mechanism and clamp sensor connected to the main board with a fragile cable and connectors, you have to carefully disconnect this before being able to remove the top section, maybe it is torn ? Go into the menu and find the auto play feature and set it to off so it is not depending on the lid sensor, you want it working manually!