Krell KMA 100 or other Krell power amp

I am considering the purchase of a pair of KMA 100, which among the older model of Krell. Anybody can share experience with this unit and how does it compare to the newest model mono or stereo power amp of Krell. Any known reliability problem to be concerned of?
I have been testing several older research with the 1st gens (fan cooled) is that they have very good sonics but are somewhat prone to reliability issues with clogged fans and thus running hot over the years. I am having great success with the 2nd gens (KMA 160s, KMA 400s, KSA 200). They are very detailed and holographic with endless low end. I do not find them "white" sounding like others have suggested. In fact, the 160s sound very organic, and that is from a SET guy!

I agree with Peter and have owned a pair of KMA 100s and a pair of KMA 160s. Also the bass on the 160s is far better than the 100s. The 100s were a bit unstable below 30 Hz.
Have a KSA300S that is only Krell to go into constant 1 ohm load (all other Class A's double power each havlfing of load).Like all Krell they are precise and reason in 900's everybody demoed speakers with Krell was deep vise like grip on bass.On downside there mids tends to be a bit "etched" compared with other solid state maybe a bit more metallic.I got this insight selling them fo 6 years.Can't believe what people pay now for same "house sound" if a ad less refined.Great to combo with tube pre.Agree with Peter I'd go with KSA series.Maybe best bet is FPB.