Krell KCT versus Cary SLP-98

A series of events (my wife is fickle sometimes) have caused me to possess more gear than I need. So today I decided to listen to a Chromecast through a Bryston 4b^3 and Magnepan 1.7i speakers. I alternated between a Krell KCT and a Cary SLP-98.


I am floored at how different they sound. The Krell was better at *everything* (particularly percussion) except for reproducing female voices (CHVRCHES, Metric, Grimes, etc). There, the Krell was pathetic by comparison. 

I'm not a real audiophile or anything, so I'm hoping for an explanation of some sort, whether it's synergy or a characteristic of tubes or something else. Perhaps I need to join the cult of tube rolling. Perhaps I'm crazy. 


Anyone care to speculate?