Krell KAV-300i or Acurus w/ Maggies?

I'm curious to know what people here think about matching Maggies(MMGs, but a small room) with a Krell integrated. I've got an Acurus RL-11 and Acurus amp now, bu ti'mthinking of going with the Krell. ANybody had experience with the Krell/maggie/Acurus? Thanks.
I don't think the Krell would be an upgrade. I had the 300i mated with the MG1.6QRs and found it very bright. I have since moved on to separates.
I currently own a KAV-300i with MMG's. Although I am planning to upgrade to better (non-planar) speakers, I've enjoyed the sound. The Krell can squeeze bass out of the little planars better than I expected. They can be a bit bright, and overall I agree with the previous comment: Magnepans with Krell amps can be a bit bright on some music. MMG's are not as bright as the MG1.6QR's though, so you can get away with it. In my judgement, I'd get the Krell and then upgrade the speakers to ProAc's or B&W's later on. Fabulous combinations!