Krell KAS 2 monos system matching

I am currently using the Krell KAS 2 monos with an ARC LS2 hybrid 6922 driving KEF 107/2 without the Kube equalizer. Using Krell KAV250Cd and a Sonic Frontiers SFD-2 DAC. I like my bass down low and deep.. Was thinking to swap the speakers to a B&W 801s. Any comments on the KEFs and B&Ws

Would like to know if anyone has any experience with the powr amps combination. Also the KAS 2 only has XLR outs and am currently using adaptors to RCAs input to the preamp. Quite a number of good PREs don't offer XLRs. Any negatives on this?

I did have a chance to audition a Cary SLP 98 with the system. I did like the difference with the Cary's the bass is less rock solid but with more musical realism depth as with the mids and the highs. Any comments of pre-amps after the LS2 and the 98s?

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Sounds like you need a good subwoofer.