Krell iBias or Mark Levinson 533/535H series amplifiers with Aerial Acoustics Speakers?

I have been trying to read up as much as i can on both of these amplifier lines but it doesn't seem there are many who have heard them both.  I am currently powering Aerial Acoustics 7B and CC3B speakers ( hopefully upgrading to 7T speakers) and i was wondering what the synergy would be between these two amp lines.  Krell has the Chorus 5200 and 7200 and Levinson has the 535H.  There are also the 532H and 533H -vs- the Krell Duo 300i that can be considered as well.  

My system is primarily for HT with music listening as a secondary priority, but i still want it to blossom when i am just running the towers and enjoying my tunes.  What are your thoughts?  Thanks in advance!!


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GO for Citadel 1.5s! They are amazing even tho my mains have active subs and are still continuing to get better.
HPA3 = High failure rates and no aid from paulie walnuts sterngold in caSE of issues.. I got raked over the coals and never got my amp5 fixed. the HPA3 is of the same dna.

Harman = Anti consumer when it comes to repair and from the schematics I have seen there were revisions. and known issues...

Cit 1.5 or prometheus would be my suggestion. (went from an amp5 to monoblocks)
I am a theta fan ever since getting my 1.5s steve bruznowski over on avs had the 7t/ dread citadel / prometheus evolution i went from an amp5 to citadel monos  / a sigma amp5 for center and surround duties 
I didn't ask if you were running a balanced pre or out... its an important factor in your decision tho.