Krell FPB 200, comments?

The upgrade bug is starting to cause an itch. Any and all comments regarding the aforementioned amp or any Krell amp
(KSA-300s for example) would be greatly appreciated. Oh, the amp will end up being paired with a Thiel 3.6, ML aerius or Maggie 2.7 at various times. CD is Wadia 850 and pre- is ARC LS-2b. Current amp is Classe CA200. Thanks in advance for any input.
The third review down at states from the owner of an Krell FPB 200 and a pair of Thiel 3.6's (A match made in heaven). He has SF preamp.
I used to have one, was happy with it but sold it when the upgradious made me try Parasound JC1. Guess what: going back to Krell when money permits.
I used to have Classe CAP150. If you find your CA200 too bright Krell will not help here because it is more neutral than warmish Classe.
In any case it would be a very good match for MLs and Maggies. I have never heard Thiels.
Just my opinion, but I heard Krell and Thiel together in a shop and it was ear piercing!
I have owned:
2 McIntosh 2105's
Krell KST100
Krell KSA250
Krell KSA300S
Krell FPB300

Each amp is better than the one that preceeded it. Possibly the biggest difference was with the FPB. I would go for the 300 over the 200 if you can spring for the extra bucks. I use them to drive the highly revealing B&W800's.

Thanks for all your opinions.
Re: platsolos comment, maybe it was the source component or material being played or perhaps the room was untreated (Nrchy may be on to something)because i heard my speaker(3.6) hooked up to an FPB-700(before i took it home from the dealer) and let me say that i'll have to put that in the top five combos(speaker+amp) that i've ever heard(all-time). sonic bliss. It certainly blew away my theory that Krells were cold and bright. Prior to that, if i had 3k to blow on an amp i would've only considered the Levinson 332 or 333.