krell 20il or ayon cd5

i have a krell 20il cdplayer, the ayon cd5 is better than my krell?
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That's a great question...a fellow A'goner and myself were just talking about whether his 25 was better than the Ayon CD-5 two days ago. Let me know what you hear in the way of feedback as the 20 and 25 were both great units in their day and the Ayon seems to be following in their footsteps...
Had a KPS-20i on loan - sounded absolutely dreadful. Gray and flat, with lots of sibilance.

For this kind of money, used ARC CD-3 mk II is miles better.
Haven't heard the Krell. The CD5 is a killer. Big upgrade over the CD2, which was an excellent unit itself. In limited reviews, the CD5 is crushing almost anything it's tossed up against.
AFC...thanks! Keep us posted as you see or hear about more reviews!
Zephyr, here you go....still scarce, but coming.
Not a review, but some comments from Srajan Ebaen.
A detailed review of the CD5.

Be forewarned: Doug Schroeder from Dagogo becomes absolutely bananas in his review of the CD5. Fairly justified, IMO, but he does go a bit off the deep end in his praise.

BTW- great set up you've got. I see you have those stinking angled ceilings as I do.
Oops....second link is....
Afc....thanks! I've read the review and have talked with Doug on many occasions regarding our shared love of Legacy speakers and his experience with the CD-5 and other equipment. I'll give the 6moons articles as read today. Thanks for sending those links.

The angled ceilings have some benefit but also introduce other considerations into my room. I have to determine what is the best WAF-friendly set of room treatments to tame a couple of issues with my room however it sounds surprisingly great as-is given the size and what I have in it with regards to furniture, etc....but there is clearly work to be done. BTW...I like your system; it has a lot of potential and must sound very sweet!

Where are you located?
I'm in South Carolina. It's gonna get real hot in that room in summer. The thermostat is in the hallway, and I have to leave the door to my room closed so my dogs don't get in there and go wild. So....drops into the low 50's in winter, and will go well into the mid-upper 80's in summer.

I think you'd like the CD5. It was Schroeder's review that pushed me over the top. I had the CD2 for about three months, then my dealer got his hands on a CD5 and e-mailed Doug's Dagogo article to me. I didn't think the difference between the CD2 and CD5 could be a great as he made it out to be...but he was right. It is that much better.