Kora Galaxy + Velodyne Sub + Wadia 25 + Tyler Mon

Has anybody tried using an SET amp for their monitors and active subs for the low frequency range?

I am pondering about using my Wadia 25 as pre-amp/dac, having 1 set of outputs to the Kora Galaxy (stereo SET, 50W per channel) which will drive the Tyler Accoustics's Taylo Ref Monitors (88db sensitivity, 44Hz-20Khz); and the other set of Wadia's outputs to a stereo pair of Velodyne SPL-800 subs (600W-1000W, 28Hz-120Hz adjustable).

The music genre is classical (chamber and orchestral), vocal and some jazz. Your advice will be greatly appreciated.
I'm willing to add a good quality sub x-over to lighten up the load on my amp. Supposedly, crossing over at 100hz will effectively quadruple the amps output if it doesn't have to reproduce loud bass-IT WORKS. My system: Denon cd to classe 30 pre-amp to a Janis 1/a sub amp and crossover to my Dynaco St-80 (new version 25 watt triode) to my coincident speakers. The Janis runs to a pair of nelson-reed passive subs. I didn't really need the extra power but by doing it this way, the headroom of my amp is limitless (at least it feels that way) and the bass can't be matched by most speakers.
A friend of mine did similar with an 18" velodyne sub between his pre amp, EAR monoblocks and Quad esl63s. Not only did it bring out a lot of bass, it cleaned up the rest of the frequency since the power hungry quads didn't need that much any more.
You might want to inquire with Ty about the ability of your amp to effectively drive the Taylo monitors. Can't offer more than that as I drive mine with a Bryston 4B-SST...
Thanks to all who have contributed your invaluable insights.

I got the Kora Galaxy yesterday and has been listening to it almost non-stop when I am not sleeping. This combination, like many fellows who have said before, ROCKS!

In fact, I think the Kora Galaxy sounds better than my Mark Levinson #23, which was replaced by this Kora.

I do have another question about the Kora Galaxy: How do you bias on this unit? I am not in a great mood to take this unit to dealer whenever I need to replace tubes. Esp. I have just purchased a pair of telefunken falcon 6922 NOS and I want them to go into this amp.

Anybody been there before? Your help is greatly appreciated.
You should get 5000 to 10,000 hours out of the 6922s. Bias won't bother them. Generally, you will only bias output tubes. I would contact Kora about that-every amp is totally different.
Ask Joe at JCAudio (jcaudio.com). He posts here under the name jcaudio (imagine that!), is a reputable and authorized dealer for Kora, and certainly could answer your Q.