Koetsu Urushi ?? + vs. Allaert

hi all, whats the difference between urushi black & vermillion in sound quality + urushi vs. allaert MC1b..& while were out there how do they compare to a miyabi??
black is copper & vermillion is copper silver
Urushi is definitely one of the most musical cartridges with many of its strength hidden depending on which phonostage you use with it. I have very good result when it is used with 47lab phonocube with dual power supply and CAT ultimate preamp. I recently discovered that it can project an even 3D body on instruments when it is used with ARC Ref Phono together ARC ref preMkII. More so, the so called "Koetsu" sound that people claimed is gone in such combination. It is neutral with very good tonal balance The Urushi is mounted on Graham 2.2 and I believe they are really good match.
I also own Miyabi and I use it together with Triplanar7 in the same system. I feel that it has to go along with TomEvan The Groove to give remarkable result with my Ediolon speakers. Both cartridges take on different approaches on musical presentation and I love both ways. Just enjoy the music with the right synergistic setup.