jan Allaerts cartridges mc1b

Can someone tell me what the manufacturer of the mc1b recommends for tonearm matching in regards to effective mass? What would the manufacturer recommend as an ideal mc1b/effective mass match to realize this cartridges optimum performance? medium or high?
check out vinylengine, catridge database, resonance evaluator. check out galibierdesign website as well. Schroeder is recommended. I m using schroeder 2fw and MC1b
Perhaps you may want to contact Jan directly
Good luck
I also run my MC1B in a Schroeder No. 2fw. I use the heavier brass headshell which raises arm mass to about 14-15g. I am measuring the resonance around 10.5 Hz so that this arm mass should be about ideal for the Allaerts.
I use a Breuer 8, latest version. Resonance frequency about 10 Hz horizontal & vertical. Sound is amazing. Setup is even easier. Just line the stylus tip to the edge of the headshell & be done ( confirmed w. a Wally Tractor). Also just align the cartridge side edges w. the headshell. Basically, the easiest setup there is. But finding that out took a bit of effort but to move it around is easy. Haven't put it on my Schroder. Too lazy & love the Titan i there (but I need to do it). Schroder setup takes patience and time to get perfect. The rewards are worth it, but it really takes time especially since it is in the rear position on my table so that no kids can get to it. I use the Brass weight for the Titan i in my Schroder. Big improvement. Trying different size counterweights yeilded the final synergy w. the Titan i. That sealed it & I don't want to go back & start all over again.
Schroeder Model 2 for me with my MC1B. I've used my MC1B in a Hadcock too (whilst waiting for delivery of my Schroeder) with good results.

Thanks guys. I did speak to Jan and he recommends to use arm tubes for 9 -15 gram mass cartridges. This cartridge is 10 grams.
Would fr64s work with the Allaerts? 
A friend who sadly passed away used a Graham Phantom
with 14g for the Allaerts MC Boron 1 and it sounded really