KnuKonceptz speaker cable?

Hi, has anyone heard of or actual used speaker cable from a company called "KnuKonceptz"? They sell their cable on e-bay and proclaim their cable has more strands then any other cable. i.e....
10 gauge has 462 strands per conductor, 16 gauge has 224 strands per conductor ect, ect, ect....
Since I'm still new to all of this, is the strand count really as important as they claim? Is a 10 gauge really better then a 12 or 14 gauge speaker wire? would you use 10 gauge speaker wire in your system? Or is that over kill? Thank you for any information that you can give me.
Some folks believe that a high strand count is more detrimental to sound rather than beneficial. All things being told, the only statement that such a cable design could make and not be challenged would be that it might offer greater flexibility.

As to gauge size, you have proponents going both ways. Some claim that smaller gauge wires are better than heavy gauges and vice-versa. While logic dictates that one would want the lowest possible series resistance and highest possible current capacaity for a speaker cable, there are those that claim to benefit from going to very small gauge cables between the speaker and the amp.

My only concern with doing such is that i would end up wasting all of the time and money that i put into selecting and buying high current amplifier designs. Then again, many folks let their ears decide regardless of technical considerations. Obviously, you can be happy with either the "skinny" or "fat" wire approach. Sean
Thanks for the input sean.