know any speakers match w/ dunlavy for ht?

Hi! I have a pair of Dunlavy IIs that I kind of fell into, and am now using as the front l/r speakers in my ht system. Love the sound, but looking for suggestions as to what to match them with. For the center channel, if I had the dough, I'd use a Dunlavy I, but can't afford a pair and don't expect anyone to be selling a single speaker anytime soon. Right now I'm using a Platinum Audio PT 806 speaker I had lieing around, seems to work well enough, but wonder if there's anything that might be a better tonal match. For the rears, if I had the dough and the room, I'd use a pair of Dunlavy 1s, but alas, I'm on a budget, and space is at a premium. Right now I'm using Sound Dynamics RTS3, which sound pretty good to me, and for the money probably about as accurate as I can expect. However, I'd like something smaller, if it was as good or better match with the Dunlavys, yet affordable. Finally, I am using a small M&K sub, which I like a lot and seems to blend well with my mains. I bought a pair of small Definitive Technology surrounds for my office system (sound unheard) and was surprised how good they sound. Got me to thinking Definitive Technology might be a way to go for my center and surrounds, but they are quite expensive and I'm hesitant to take the plunge without knowing whether they are overpriced or whether they're a good match with the Dunlavys. I appeal to you, oh great and wise audiogoners, for whatever thoughts you might have! Regards, Ben
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I would only use Dunlavy speakers. Mix and match is not worth the effort or cost.
Balthus- Can't make a recommendation for the rear surrounds, but can make one for the center channel. DON'T use one! Switch your processor to phantom mode and get PERFECT tonal balance. As always IMHO and seven years of HT experience.

Thanks to you both for your replies, good food for thought. Will have to check whether my pre has a "phantom" mode! Regards, Ben