knobs and bottons

Back in the late 70's (high school)my audio friends and I would take the weekly Pilgrimage to Highland Appliance to gawk at all the newest tape decks p-mount TT's,recievers etc.
having only a part time job and saving for my first car,I could only afford Pioneer,Technics etc.

The one brand that always was in the "highend show cased system" was S.A.E. thats was the SHI* MAN......

Now, 20+ yrs later, I've been kicking the idea of building a mid seventies SAE rig to sate my long ago desire.

Does anyone know any history of what componets in the SAE line are from the time frame of the late 70's early 80's?

Thanks ahead for any answers.
try this link and just scroll down to SAE
Here's a good link
Here are two links that may help. . . in case you are still looking


That said. . . I have an A502 amp that needs a good home.